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Give our young entrepreneurs a helping hand

I started reading Julie Burchill's piece (Comment, May 6) with enthusiasm because, yes, I also feel that those playing with fire and engaging in violent activism need to be stopped.

But I was taken by the example Burchill gives of the founder of Tesco who in 1919 used his demob money to get himself started in the retail business.

Here we should take a moment to consider today's equivalents and should consider how hard it is for anyone with a small stake and limited resources to break into the retail world.

It is almost impossible, with the high street being ruled by a few dozen big names who have formed an almost "closed shop" to keep newcomers out.

So while these yobs should indeed be stopped, the Government should also take serious measures to allow our young entrepreneurs to get a foothold in the almost monopolistic retail landscape that we have somehow developed.


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