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Give thugs who attack elderly real punishment

In today's modern society respect for members of our senior community seems to have reached an all-time low - especially with the recent spate of house burglaries and attacks on members of the elderly community.

It is a sad reflection on those who, under the cover of darkness seek to harm and injure the most vulnerable in society in the sanctity of their own homes. All too often the criminals that are caught will most probably face the courts and walk out with either a suspended sentence or fine.

Whether it is an attack on the elderly or murder, we have witnessed how the judiciary are handing down very lenient sentencing for crimes that deserve much more punishment.

Politicians, public bodies, and communities need to ask the judiciary to re-evaluate their sentencing process.

The sooner the judiciary steps into line with public opinion and starts to hand down full, rigorous and justified sentencing to fit the crime as opposed to a slap on the wrist, the sooner a message will be sent to those responsible for attacks on the elderly that they will face the full rigour of the law.


Co Down


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