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Glens development is risk to natural beauty


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

I'M sure I am not the only resident in the Glens of Antrim - in particular in the Red Bay/Cushendall area - who is concerned about the so-called "development" in recent years.

With the expansion of an unsightly salmon farm in Red Bay adjacent to the world-renowned Antrim Coast Road, to the more recent construction of an outsized industrial shed dominating a residential area and, finally, the installation of two huge eye-catching wind turbines, are we experiencing the thin edge of a pernicious wedge?

No doubt our "planners" will justify the permissions granted in these cases, saying "there were no objections", or "we adhered to the planning criteria strictly", or "these developments create jobs". While all or some of these excuses may apply, the wider context of preserving the scenic integrity of our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has been ignored.

Doubtless there would be far more jobs created if tourism infrastructure in the area had appropriate investment and official bodies, like planning, had due regard for preserving the unique natural heritage of the Glens area to be enjoyed by tourists and residents alike.

Do our public representatives of all shades have any views on this? If so, I have not heard them, much less witnessed them do anything about it.

Eamon O'loan

Cushendall, Co Antrim

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