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Gnawed at by rank hypocrisy over Suarez

VIEWED rationally, Luis Suarez did no harm to anyone but himself. In a moment he ended his World Cup and did great damage to his future career.

No one else was affected: not the pundits, so vociferous in their condemnation (Ian Wright an honourable exception); not the Italian team who were already down to 10 men; and not the bitten Chiellini, who hadn't been knocked out by a headbutt or had his leg broken by a vicious tackle.

The victim of the 'outrage' was Suarez himself.

Suarez is a supremely gifted footballer. Off the field he is recognised as a genuine good guy, as committed to life in Liverpool as he is to their team on the pitch.

And far more sickening than Suarez's bite is the hypocrisy.

We're talking about a 'sport' where shirt-pulling, diving, 'professional' fouls and career-threatening tackles now often go unpunished and often unnoticed.

I'm not a Christian, but the command 'Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone' seems apposite.


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