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Go on Peter, give us a wave - goodbye

It's not often I find myself in agreement with your columnist, Eamonn McCann, but I must endorse fully his comments relating to the High Court case in respect of the Victims' Commissioner and its implications for the Secretary of State.

In any other part of the UK, Judge Girvan's comments would have been sufficient to have had all parties calling for a resignation. But anything goes in Northern Ireland.

As a child I was told that telling lies or misleading folk was a sign of one's lack of respect or regard for them. The Blair spin machine in Britain, and in the outpost which is Northern Ireland, daily demonstrates a complete absence of regard for the people here.

Northern Ireland has enough spin, fudge and nuts of its own without the Secretary of State and his ministerial team.

I think it's time for Peter to wave us all a fond farewell - of his own volition. Wouldn't it be nice to see some integrity, even if it is in his leaving office?

M BOYCE Bangor

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