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God always very clear on marriage

Accusing the Church of being "duplicitous" on marriage, Dominic Kirkham (Write Back, May 28) claims: "When it comes to the Church and marriage, it shouldn't be forgotten that for the first 1,000 years it had nothing much to say about marriage, while some Christian groups explicitly forbade it."

However, Jesus in the New Testament established beyond any further doubt God's revelation of marriage as existing only between a male and a female.

Furthermore, if Mr Kirkham studies the early Church, he will find it had plenty to say on the sacrament of marriage as God intended it to be in the first 1,000 years. Those sects who forbade marriage were always known to be in error by the Church and were condemned accordingly.

Likewise, his assertion that the Church viewed women in the past and gay people today as "agents of depravity" does not bear scrutiny in the light of the Church's continuous proclamation of the dignity and value of every single human being as infinitely loved by God.


Crossgar, Co Down

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