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God gives all human beings special status


In David Fullerton's letter (April 6), he holds that the developing embryo has no intrinsic value as it lacks mentality or consciousness. He says that value can only be given by the mother.

However, God gives human beings a special status in that they are made in His image (Genesis 1), albeit this image is distorted by sin. Accordingly the developing human should be treated with reverence.

Soon we will celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus for the sin that distorts God's image in us. This was foretold by the prophets. When He took on flesh His identity was there from conception. The choice must be made to either accept or reject Him.

David suggests a 12-week limit for abortion. By this time the child has eyes and fingernails, moves, swallows, digests, sucks the thumb. Blood circulates. Brainwaves are detectable for as long as six weeks.

Abortion is no trivial matter and often results in depression.

Donald Gale

By email

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