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God is not mocked, despite what is said

Taffy, by mocking Leviticus (Write Back, June 18), fails to understand that Leviticus contains laws no longer directly applicable to the New Testament Church: animal sacrifices, Old Testament food laws and capital punishment against various offenders no longer pertain.

Instead, the spiritual penalty of ex-communication for Old Testament capital crimes applies (I Corinthians v5).

The Westminster Confession of Faith declares with Scripture that the 'sundry judicial laws' (of Old Testament Israel) 'expired together with the state of that people' but their principles of 'general equity' apply.

The central theme of Levicitus is that the Lord is holy and His people are holy and separated.

The Old Testament pictured this separation by laws forbidding mixed fabrics, trimming of beards and sowing mixed seeds, as well as laws concerning ritual uncleanness.

In the New Testament, Christ's people separate themselves spiritually from the wickedness of the world by living an antithetical life.

Homosexuality, described as 'abomination' in Leviticus, is condemned just as strongly by Christ's inspired apostles in the New Testament, Taffy's humorous attempts to discredit Leviticus notwithstanding.

Martyn McGeown


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