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Good exam results not enough for university

Pupils are encouraged by educationalists to work hard and do well. My son did work hard. He gained excellent GCSE results. At AS level he got two As and a B.

Unfortunately this was just not good enough for him to be offered a place on either of the two art and design courses that he applied for at a local university.

We, along with his teachers, were totally surprised.

His rejection appeared incomprehensible. It will probably smack of sour grapes, but what more could my son have done to get onto one of these courses?

As a former teacher, I appreciate that difficult judgments have got to be made as regards successful university course applications and that there will always be folk like us who will be disappointed.

When we contacted the university, the response was that there was a particularly high number of course applications and the standard displayed was also very high.

Could someone please also put an end to the rumours that grammar school and foreign students are more readily accepted on to local university courses?

Some people have also gone so far as to suggest that it is often very important when making an application to know someone on the 'inside' to help things along.

We are left wondering what will happen when my son eventually goes looking for a job, as it is likely to be the dole, or waiting on tables or a call centre. So much for getting an education, then.



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