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Gospel gives the answers to 'big questions'

Paul Hopkins is apparently still grappling with the Big Questions of life, and regards what happens after death as 'The Great Mystery'. (Saturday View, March 30) Perhaps if he took the Bible a bit more seriously some answers would be readily available to him.

Of course, starting with evolution is no help. Believing that we came from nothing, are here for no reason and are headed nowhere is hardly the route to personal peace and sanity!

On the other hand, Bible-believing Christians have good reasons to trust the plain teaching of Scripture, and their lives have meaning and purpose.

And as for creationism being 'unscientific', Paul is obviously unaware of the scientific evidence consistent with the Christian view according to the Bible.

We know that Man is different from the rest of the animal creation – physically, mentally and spiritually. That Man is also a flawed and sinful being is confirmed in any newspaper you might care to pick up!

But the Christian gospel proclaims that there is an answer to our sin and confusion – it is found in the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross on that first Good Friday, and His resurrection three days later.

Make no mistake, the answers to the big questions are there, for those who care to look!

Philip Campbell (Rev)


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