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Gospel shows how to destroy capitalism

IT'S hard to know whether to admire, or denigrate, the anti-capitalists who stride this world in hot pursuit of global leaders of the most prosperous countries.

On the one hand, they seem to have unlimited resources.

Yet, on the other, they highlight an issue that was raised by Jesus himself – usury.

In the Gospel of Thomas, found in Egypt in 1945 and, so, not likely to have been adjusted or censored over the centuries as other gospels may have been, Jesus taught us not to charge interest on any surplus money loaned to others, but to give it away without the expectation that it will be repaid.

Capitalism, as an economic philosophy, will be defeated by reducing interest rates to 0%, as Christ suggests. There really is no other way, in my view.

I would add that no violence is required to achieve that.



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