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Goudie needs to show value for money

I refer to the letter from Stanley Goudie, chief inspector at the Department of Education (Write Back, September 22).

I take exception to his sideswipe at the media. I believe journalists cover, most comprehensively, matters related to education.

But I have two questions for Mr Goudie. Firstly, can he tell the public, who are bracing themselves for 'cuts', what it costs to run his inspectorate for one year? Please include the administrative costs of back-up civil servants.

Secondly, what criteria does he use to measure the 'added value' of the work of his team? I am not talking about the evaluation of the 'process' of inspection, which is shown on the internet.

No, I want to know how he and his colleagues are, in real terms, enhancing the education of our children.

As a final comment, it seems odd to me that the inspectorate appear to be totally immune to any critical scrutiny and to cuts in the budget for the Department of Education.



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