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Government blind to the hardship we are facing

Over recent months, some Cabinet ministers have declared that they want to make Britain the gay capital of the world. To this end, a two-week event is planned for London in 2012.

I am sure David Cameron will fully support such a venture. What some politicians have completely failed to grasp however, is that ordinary people are concerned about more important issues - like the price of fuel for their cars. We already pay more than 60% tax and plans are afoot to increase the tax burden even more. What does Mr Cameron and the Cabinet say? 'It doesn't bother us; we get our fuel paid for by the taxpayer.'

Does anyone care about the old people who will actually die this winter due to being unable to afford to heat their homes? Last month our MPs voted, by a two-thirds majority, to reduce the fuel winter payment to our senior citizens.

Once again, neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor are concerned about this because the taxpayer covers all heating costs for their homes in Downing Street.

We live in a country where many people struggle, on a weekly basis, to buy enough food to feed their families.

But what is our Government's response to this? "Our aim is that Britain should become the gay capital of the world."

Some of our politicians are so out of touch with ordinary people that their attitude is that, if someone cannot afford to buy bread, they should buy cake instead.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


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