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Government cannot cede unionists to foreign constitution

Mary Dejevsky suggests that Her Majesty's Government should consider making refugees of its own citizens merely because they happen to reside in one part of the kingdom as opposed to another; that 18 miles of sea distance from the British mainland marks a fault-line between first-class and second-class subjects of Her Majesty.

What Ms Dejevsky proposes is nothing short of a sophisticated process of ethnic cleansing of the "Ulster Protestants" from the British state.

Ms Dejevsky mentions both Claudy and Bloody Sunday; the "Ulster Protestants" were not the perpetrators of either incident.

The British government at the stroke of a pen can indeed cede the territory and crown buildings of Northern Ireland to the government of the Republic of Ireland.

What it cannot do is cede the British unionists who reside upon the territory to a foreign constitution in which they have no interest and no allegiance to uphold.

The Irish government unmistakably knows this to be so. Apparently Ms Dejevsky does not.

M W Woods, Bangor, Co Down

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