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Government must act over Daniel Pelka tragedy

I HAVE never before witnessed such a detailed programme of child abuse on television as that innocent child Daniel Pelka suffered. It was heart-rending to watch.

And, to add to this trauma, the life of eternal suffering that Paul Lamb was forced to endure, due to an uncompassionate Government, was equally heart-rending.

Unquestionably, the Government considers animals more important than humanity (the USPCA can immediately remove any animal that shows any sign of cruelty from its owner).

How is it then that the NSPCC, social services, Barnardos and so on apparently do not have the same authority as the USPCA?

Yes, another inquiry will be held. But did we not hear all that before when the case of the death of Baby Peter was investigated? I ask: how many more innocent, helpless children must be abused, beaten, treated with inhumane cruelty and starved before someone in the Government decides that enough is enough?

A return to capital punishment would be a good start, but even that would be insufficient punishment for those that inflicted the suffering and death that little Daniel Pelka went through. On the separate subject of euthanasia, its introduction is long overdue, too. As records show, you can be euthanised quicker in the health service than ever.

And yet the Government fails to address this problem with the urgency it deserves.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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