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Governments must press for lasting peace in Syria

This Sunday, March 15, will see the Syrian conflict enter its fifth year - the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.

Nearly half of all Syrians have been forced from their homes. Close to four million people have fled to neighbouring countries, while 7.6 million people have been internally displaced.

Millions of Syrians - both those trapped inside the country as well as those living in makeshift accommodation elsewhere - are struggling to survive.Neighbouring countries, most notably Lebanon and Jordan, are being pushed to breaking-point as they struggle to cope with the refugee influx. A quarter of the Lebanese population are Syrian refugees.

We, as agencies working in Syria, acknowledge the tremendous support given by the UK and Irish governments and the people of Northern Ireland in supporting the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance. In spite of this generous support, we are acutely aware that not enough is being done to address the massive needs of the conflict-affected civilian population. Greater efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict must be supported at every level.

The international community must not become jaded by the war, which is more protracted and intractable than ever. The UK and Irish governments must continue to use their influence at the highest political levels in concert with other states and the United Nations to advocate for a cessation of hostilities and a genuine commitment to dialogue for lasting peace.







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