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GPs do all they can, but need more resources

CLEARLY Dr Hackenbush (Write Back, April 17) is not a GP. He comments on a hypothetical scenario where a call to the GP surgery is triaged to receive a call back from doctor, who advises a trip to A&E, picking up a letter at surgery "on the way past".

As a busy GP, our surgery is currently working beyond full capacity, yet we still make time to assess almost every urgent patient on a same-day basis. The above scenario would not happen without at least a face-to-face consultation.

This is done because we don't want our patients to have to attend A&E if it is not required.

Where we begin to take issue is when we are told we are not doing enough and that it is our fault A&Es are full.

As a GP, we always want to do more, but to do so we need more resources. We manage 90% of all NHS contacts for 8.4% of the NHS budget. Imagine what we could do with 15% of the NHS budget.


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