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GPs forced to axe vital services

Gps have drained the system of funds due to their last enormously greedy wage rise. They have lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned. Not so much a Hippocratic Oath as a hypocrite's oath, denying us mere mortals the service we deserve. No antisocial hours worked anymore and I see in today's papers they are going to retire early because the nasty Government is going to make them work like the rest of us until they are 65. Them and us, it seems.


Who awarded them the pay rises? They don't set that themselves surely?


GPs need £5m. Free prescriptions cost £20m, partly due to abuse of the system. Solution for the GP problem is simple.


Exactly, Ballymenahey: bring back prescription charges - even a nominal sum, eg £2-per-item. It just seems so blindingly obvious. I paid for my prescriptions in the past and it feels wrong now getting them for free when our health service is in such a state. Of course, there will always be those with the 'what can I get for free?' mentality who will milk the system.

Victor Meldrew

I totally agree. I work and am happy to pay for my scripts - as are many of my colleagues.


How about anyone failing to keep a GP appointment is charged a penalty fee unless they have a valid excuse?


There are so many efficiency savings that could be made at local surgeries. For a start, those with repeat prescriptions could have the information directly e-mailed to their local pharmacy, saving on paper, phone time, plus the journey to go to the surgery to pick up a scrap of paper to drive to the chemist. Such a waste of time and resources. The appointment system could also be partially managed online (a few hours/day could easily be blocked out for this). Anyone that has booked an MoT for their car in the last few years can testify on how efficient this process can be.



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