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Graduates can only benefit

I write in response to a letter which commented on plans introduced by the DEL Minister Sir Reg Empey in relation to graduate positions.

As an elected Ulster Unionist, I am obviously going to disagree with 'Panorama' who claimed that the leader of my party was talking 'nonsense'.

At present, Northern Ireland is part of a wider global economic recession - employment figures are rising, more and more people are struggling to stay in employment.

It is for this reason that my party leader, the DEL Minister, is determined not to stand by as unemployment and especially graduate unemployment rises.

He will be seeking the co-operation of Executive colleagues regarding the possibilities of Northern Ireland's departments absorbing some recent entrants to the labour market, among others on a short-term basis.

I for one see this as an excellent initiative and I am sure those who will benefit from the scheme would concur.


DEL committee member

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