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Graham article wrong about maternity care

I WAS concerned to read the article by Jane Graham, headlined 'Women shouldn't keep mum over standard of maternity care' (Life, July 29). I read the article with great interest and feel I ought to respond on behalf of the Royal College of Midwives.

I would like to point out that Jane Graham may not be speaking about a birth experience in Northern Ireland. She is a freelance, syndicated journalist who lives in Glasgow.

Furthermore, in the article she refers to the number of times that maternity units have closed in England due to staffing shortages - this is not currently an issue in Northern Ireland.

The central issue of the article - 'gruesome labour tales' and closure of units due to staff shortages - is largely irrelevant in Northern Ireland and the tone of the article may alarm women here and cause unnecessary concern.


Director, Royal College of Midwives Northern Ireland


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