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Gran Fondo - No repeat of idiocy we saw in Giro, please

The decision of the organisers of the Giro d'Italia to stage the Gran Fondo cycle race in Ireland starting in 2015 is very welcome news ('Cycle fans tickled pink as Gran Fondo is coming to Northern Ireland', December 16).

Is it too much to hope that some issues which surfaced prior to last May's Giro d'Italia will be addressed in a civilised manner?

I refer to the treatment of the Alliance Party MLA Anna Lo, who had been subjected to a flood of racist insults over comments she made in regard to the flying of flags and displays of sectarian murals during the Giro d'Italia race.

I also refer to the victims' campaigner Willie Frazer, who branded a school in Co Tyrone as "the junior headquarters of SF/IRA", having mistaken an Italian flag flying outside the building for an Irish tricolour.

Perhaps in the interim Mr Frazer will have informed himself sufficiently on the difference between Italian and Irish tricolours.



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