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Grass is not always greener

I HAVE been watching the news and reading all the papers in relation to the situation here and the future.

The one thing that strikes me is that no politicians from top to bottom have ever told the people of this country how they will be affected if Ireland is united.

Do they realise they will not be getting all the benefits they currently get while sitting at home?

When they go to their GP for a repeat prescription, they will have to pay the GP for writing the script and then pay the chemist to get their medication.

If unemployed, they will not get their giro posted and all their housing benefits paid for them.

Believe me, I have long-standing friends, of many years' acquaintance in Eire, and they all have said this to us numerous times.

All you good folk think well before you go down the road of Mr Adams and his ilk. They will probably be financially secure, but will the good ordinary folk of Northern Ireland be?




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