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Grave consequences if Scots go own way

As someone who doesn't want the United Kingdom to break up, I am tempted to advise the Scots that it is economic folly to leave a customs union and free trade market with your biggest export market; that no major economy trades on only WTO rules with its largest trading partners; that creating a hard land border on a island that has, for generations, allowed free movement has the effect of removing rights and global trade, not increasing them; that no one thinks they're less Scottish for being British, too; that they would have a very bad negotiating position and their future would be dependent on the goodwill of the remaining parts of the UK; and that they would be cutting themselves off from their erstwhile trading partners without any economic reason, not 'rebuilding' an 18th-century fantasy.

But I feel that these messages have had too much exposure lately and are dismissed as "project fear".

Perhaps we should send them a bus with something pithy written one the side? Maybe we could promise them better health? Or money? Do you think they'd be more convinced by that instead?

21st-century unionist

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