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Great care needed on legalising marijuana

So, it looks very likely that, come July 2018, Canada will draw ahead of Uruguay, Colorado and the Netherlands in the liberal and legal attitude to cannabis.

Many people have, and will, debate the health angle, be it physical or mental, which at this juncture I shall not delve into, as I fear a larger, malevolent cloud looms on the horizon.

However, one area that could have a huge downside and may not materialise for perhaps 20 to 30 years needs focusing on without delay.

When this legalisation spreads, along with acceptance, doubtless huge profits will ensue.

Then, it is not fanciful to envisage more and more land being given over to cultivation for start-ups and current farmers rotating vegetables and fruit for marijuana.

This could be bad enough in developed Western democracies if complacency creeps in, but in countries with, say, a lack of leadership, or despotic chaos, it could devastate the already weak food supply.

Let us hope future politicians show more common sense than is now on display.


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