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Greece leaving eurozone just a matter of time

The integrity of the eurozone has been maintained, but at what cost, and why?

Greece doesn't even have an economy, as I understand the definition. With unemployment hovering around 40%, the eurozone, led by Germany, has issued new orders to Athens that can only set off a chain-reaction that will end in Grexit anyway.

What developed country in 2015 complains of declining stocks of critical medicines? By making Athens toe an impossible line at any cost, all Germany's rigidity has achieved is to make Greece resemble some banana republic from the 1970s. And there is worse to come.

Greece's admission to the eurozone was a geopolitical decision based on the expansionist nature of the EU and its determination to cement all states with a common currency.

How much longer does the eurozone want to pretend that Greece can overnight grow an economy? It surely understands that these new bailout conditions can only cause the Greek economy to further contract and finally stop altogether?

How much longer will it take this club to finally notice that the new guy at the bar isn't just missing a necktie. He doesn't have pants or shoes, either.


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