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Greed the driver for unwanted pig farm scheme

I MUST air my concerns about the proposed 49,000-capacity pig farm in Limavady.

I find it difficult to understand why, with the potential damage to our environment, our communities and our health, such a facility would be deemed acceptable by our politicians.

It appears that all of the above have been ignored to facilitate meat for another country thousands of miles away, namely China, while our communities carry the burden of the negative issues this will raise.

The impact of this 24/7 operation, with the smell, the noise and the pollution, will be devastating - not to mention the nature of the factory farming industry, where animals are contained in spaces so restricted they can barely move and are used as breeding machines.

Our "green and pleasant land" and its people have been sold out by those in power who are driven by greed and the ambience of power.

Do they know (or care) nothing about the fragile state of our environment? About the people who must live in that environment? It would appear not.

It is, as usual, left to the people to voice the obvious to the blinkered men and women in smart suits, leading us down the path to a dying planet.


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