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Greed was to blame for Irish Euro bail-out

As the debacle of the Irish banking system unfolds, with the undoubted personal trauma involved, I have to ask Mr Adams and co: what price does he put on Ireland's unification now.

What answer does he have to help solve this issue that confronts the population of the Republic of Ireland and, to a lesser extent, the northern part of the island where Gerry was born.

After almost 40 years of senseless slaughter of innocent, ordinary working-class Irish/Ulster citizens, Gerry's Irish Republican Army's perceived enemies were not the people who considered themselves proud of being British, but were - ironically - those who shared Gerry's deep republican belief in Ireland's unification.

These people being the 'elite' (?) of Irish society whose selfish greed knew no bounds until they had plundered and crucified the economic lifeblood of Ireland.

Irrespective of what spin Mr Cowen and co put to the electorate, the simple truth is that Ireland, as an independent nation, will be dictated to, and governed by, the global infrastructures of the IMF, European Union and others for a very long time to come.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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