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Greek situation illustrates why we need Brexit

The EU is a rich man's club - a roll call of the Remain lobby shows this (the CBI, the military, the Employers' Federation, etc).

The loss of democratic control is exemplified by the German Chancellor's remark to the Greek ex-finance minister that elections change nothing - adding: "You will do what you're told."

Against the wishes of the electorate the Greek Government is forced to privatise electricity, water utilities and ports. All are efficient and profitable. Since going into the EU prices have tripled, wages have remained stagnant and unemployment is at 28%.

Portugal, Spain and Italy are similarly repressed. Eastern European countries have seen industries closed and unemployment is rampant.

This suits industrialists, who have an endless source of cheap labour they can access from all over Europe. Northern Ireland is affected by this, with the influx of unorganised labour.

Congratulations to the Labour MPs, including Kate Hoey, for their support for Brexit.



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