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'Green' brigade's argument regarding way forward on our national energy needs is simply unrealistic

Philip Allen (Write Back, September 26) has a rather unrealistic view of dealing with Northern Ireland's future energy needs.

He is correct to say that the sun and wind are free, but this only goes as far as irradiating solar panels, or turning the blades of turbines - and that only if the high manufacturing costs and short lifespans of such equipment are ignored.

Mr Allen points out that the European Investment Bank is financing developments in these renewable fields. This, of course, is where the real cost is borne for such projects.

The investment capital, which will be unlikely to be recouped, comes from the hard-earned taxes of European Union citizens including, for the present, UK citizens. The only winners in terms of cost are the big 'Green' energy companies.

Add to the situation the intermittent nature of solar and wind power and the huge costs of 'spinning back up' by gas, or oil-fired generators, held on standby, come into play.

Mr Allen also raises alarm about climate change and the lack of a Climate Act in Northern Ireland. Let us hope that such an Act never reaches the statute books. It is imperative that politicians and the public in general learn to see through the pseudo-scientific panic being raised by advocates of climate change control.

Those who advocate carbon reduction show a deep misunderstanding of long-wave radiation absorption, black body radiation and the most basic of thermodynamic principles.

Hopefully, as Brexit proceeds, the UK, including Northern Ireland, can begin to extract itself from the wealth-sapping excesses of climate change control so lauded by the profligate European Union.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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