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Greens' pact talks sullied party's name

The coming Westminster election seems likely to be crucial for the future of Northern Ireland.

Living in South Belfast, and given the plurality of parties that have stood there in recent Assembly elections, many of the urban and professional elite who live there have believed themselves above the grubbiness and factionalism that passes for politics here.

Sadly, many of them may be taken in by the glib statements and facile promises made on air and in the election material that will be landing on their doorsteps in the next few weeks.

Take, for example, the Green Party, which got itself into the headlines this week for talking up a pact with the SDLP and Sinn Fein.

Perhaps the Green Party would feel quite at home in an alliance with the SDLP.

Likewise, one of the founders of the Green Party here and a former member of its national executive, former media officer of the Greens NI and former deputy leader of the Greens NI until he quit over economic issues was Peter Doran.

He is a Queen's University law lecturer who stood in the last Assembly elections as a member of Sinn Fein and insulted the family of Edgar Graham, also a law lecturer and an elected representative, with his patronising dismissal of his murder.

Perhaps the Green Party would like to clarify where it stands on the murder of those who are effective opponents, given that Doran seems not to have had any Damascene conversion before moving to Sinn Fein and for so long had a happy home in the Greens and held positions of influence there.



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