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Group supports lifestyle choice and not a 'cure'

THANK you, Fionola Meredith (DebateNI, January 24), for recognising the true meaning of tolerance is to allow people to hold their beliefs, whether you agree with them or not, rather than trying to suppress those who do not subscribe to whatever views happen to be politically correct.

There are people who are unhappy with their sexual orientation. If it is all right for those who wish to change to a homosexual lifestyle – even after being married and producing children – why is it not all right for the converse to happen?

Surely, there should at least be a level playing field – especially as LGBT leaders, such as Peter Tatchell, now say it is possible to change one's orientation from one to the other and back?

Core Issues Trust does not seek to "cure" homosexuals but support those who are unhappy with that lifestyle and help them live in a way they are comfortable with.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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