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Grouse shooters unfairly caught in the firing line

They say that if you throw enough mud some of it eventually sticks. That is the approach followed by Animal Aid in your letter pages (now it's the grouse shooters in the firing line) with unsupported accusations.

It is worth bearing in mind that 75% of heather moorland in the world exists in the UK. These moors support up to five times more threatened wading birds than other areas of the uplands and, in a good year, will produce almost £100m in value, much of it benefiting communities that depend on grouse shooting.

Grouse, of course, is a valued game bird, with all of those shot during the season destined for the table. To seek to destroy something that benefits so many and protects so much land and wildlife smacks of extremism.

Oliver McCullough

Chair of NI Committee

British Association for Shooting & Conservation

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