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Halt MLAs' pay if they can't do deal in three months, says salaries setter

Darren McCluney: Our petition to the Government to stop their pay has over 2,000 supporters. Get signing, folks. Show them your disgust at their contempt towards us all.

Michael Congrave: Nice sentiment, but totally pointless. Who will it be submitted to? Stormont?

Michael Fee: Let's starve these parasites of cash. If we don't work, we don't get paid. Why should they? Regardless of your politics, you have to agree with this.

Peter Moore: No work, no pay. Why wait three months? It should stop today. Our country is a laughing stock, wasting millions on an election that sorted nothing.

Paul Wylie: So they're being paid for doing nothing. Stop pay and we'd have a deal within 24 hours.

Linda Smyth: On top of all the missing boiler money. We could have a purpose-built mental health facility and, if they don't pay the MLAs' wages, we could have a mental health team to staff it. Disgrace.

Kirk Samuel Megrath: Just one question: why are they getting paid for doing nothing, apart from sitting on their backsides, arguing? This is a joke, not a funny one either.

Ray Lawlor: Stop their pay if it saves money, but don't expect it motivate them to do a deal. That's not what's motivates our politics at all. They are trying to sort out legacy and victims in the talks and that shouldn't be bulldozed over lost salaries.

Philip Wilson: These people aren't interested in reaching any agreement. Having watched a TV debate last night, they were still at it. Like truculent, selfish children engaged in a blame game. They aren't fit for purpose, and why people still cast votes for the worst of them defies belief. The entire cupboard needs to be cleared out. Direct rule will achieve just that.

Liz Bucukoglu: The two extreme parties will never, ever give us peace. Nationalists should vote SDLP or Alliance; unionists Ulster Unionist or Alliance. The independents should also represent us. These parties have more intelligence and will talk instead of scoring points.

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