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Hamas is the real scourge of Palestine

BRIAN Kelly's article, 'Protests proof of a new city' (DebateNI, August 26), far from proving the emergence of a new protest movement, only acts as a reminder of a pro-Palestinian, but mainly anti-Israel, group mostly made up of Left-wing trade union leaders that has been around for years.

As regards being proud of the cross-section of support, the same could be said for those who support Israel. There is nothing sectarian in speaking up for Israel, where people of all faiths and none are equal under the law, have a vote, and enjoy a freedom of expression which is, sadly, unique in the region.

In contrast, Hamas, which controls Gaza, calls for the total destruction of the state of Israel and even for my extinction as a Jew.

They are a scourge on the Palestinian people, yet Mr Kelly makes no mention of them. Why not?

All right-thinking people are appalled by the suffering and death toll and only wish for peace.

Mr Kelly's article does nothing to bring people together there, or here.


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