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Hamas to blame for attacks on health facilities

DR Munjed Farid Al Qutob (Write Back, August 22) makes one major distortion when he writes that "the recent conflict in Gaza has demonstrated, healthcare personnel, hospitals, ambulances and clinics have been deliberately targeted as the UN's call to stop targeting civilians goes unheeded".

While I would concede that hospitals, ambulances and clinics have been attacked by Israel, this was not because of their intrinsic nature, but because they were being used by Hamas and other paramilitary groups for military purposes, such as firing rockets or transporting personnel.

Having misused such facilities, they become legitimate military targets and the blame for any resulting civilian casualties lies on those who have misused them.

Perhaps the learned doctor should consider whether the tone of his appeal to the world's conscience "to stop the death and displacement of Palestinians in Gaza" is somewhat economic with the truth in its implied assignment of blame for the suffering of the people of Gaza.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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