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Hapless unionists still dancing to Sinn Fein's tune

Like most unionists, I appreciate where Gregory Campbell is coming from when he expresses his anger at Sinn Fein employing and promoting former terrorists in key public and well-paid positions.

Obviously, like Sinn Fein's determination to change - some would say wreck - the education system, there seems to be a republican determination to needle and get under unionists' skin. Yet none of this is new. Sinn Fein is simply being consistent and the only inconsistency comes from Mr Campbell and the DUP.

Since 1998, Sinn Fein has sought to carry on the 'war' by other means - currently political means. At every stage, whether one considers the Northern Bank robbery or Sinn Fein's political agenda, the 'war' continues, but without the use of weapons.It has a clear agenda: to unsettle unionism, to undermine Stormont and to create the circumstances in which Northern Ireland cannot progress.

Yet what is most obvious and distressing is the lack of any cohesive response from unionism.

The DUP appears, on the one hand, to be happy to ignore the obvious insults while, on the other, continuing to govern with Sinn Fein while allowing the likes of Gregory Campbell and the 'Continuity DUP' to pretend nothing has changed, ultimately creating a fuss, but achieving no results.

Either unionism needs to move on and govern with Sinn Fein or it should demand changes, forcing a level of mutual respect and tolerance.


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