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Happy with Lady Gaga's Irish flag

I attended the Lady Gaga concert in the Odyssey on Saturday and was absolutely delighted to see her come on stage with an Ireland flag.

I was very glad to see it. Not many bands and singers have the guts to do this

I notice how you only had quotes from fans who were unhappy about seeing the flag at the concert and believed it ruined the atmosphere of the concert but there was nothing from those who were proud of her for coming on to the stage with a tricolour.

I myself was more disgusted at the vulgar opening act, Semi Precious Weapons, who were not in any way suitable for the younger Lady Gaga fans in the audience.

Personally I, along with my sister who I attended the concert with, and with many other Lady Gaga fans, was very happy with seeing our flag waved in the Odyssey.

Sarah, Newtownabbey, via email

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