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Hare-coursing just as bad as chimp smoking

Images of Azalea, the chimp chain-smoking in a North Korean zoo, have sparked a storm of outrage internationally.

The chimp allegedly smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and visitors roar with laughter when they see the animal light up at the newly renovated zoo in Pyongyang.

Azalea's plight has been roundly condemned on social media globally - and rightly so. But we can't protest too loudly.

Our hare-coursing season is in full swing. Each weekend between now and the middle of February, our gentle, native hares will be forced to run from pairs of greyhounds in specially prepared wired enclosures.

Just as Azalea was snatched from the wild, each hare is taken from its natural habitat to be subjected to a cruel ordeal for human amusement.


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