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Harte family deserves better media treatment

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mickey Harte for the first time. He spoke at the launch of an event called Redeeming Our Communities, an initiative involving the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Fire and Rescue service, community groups and churches.

He spoke powerfully of the impact faith has had upon his life and particularly in the devastation following the murder of his daughter, Michaela.

I write to complain about the media reporting of the murder trial in Mauritius. It is appalling to read of the behaviour in the public gallery and the theatrical performance of lawyers for the defence and for Michaela's husband, John, to have to endure the scrutiny of their private life.

These are not people who crave the limelight and are simply seeking to find justice and some small bit of closure from the nightmare they have been enduring.

These are people who have contributed to the lives of young people and have been tremendous role models in every way - yet the media seems to indulge the sensationalising of this horrific crime.

Is it not possible to report on the outcome of the trial and leave these families in peace?

No one deserves to be put through the ordeal they are being put through, not just at the trial, but through the media.

Surely they deserve better?



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