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Has Alliance forgotten all about its own ban?

The Presbyterian Church has been the subject of some hypocritically pious criticism concerning their handling of David Ford's eldership, when, in fact, the Church has been more than generous to him.

What I have not seen is any condemnation of the Alliance Party for their shocking decision to ban any of their members from standing for public office if they share traditional Presbyterian teaching on marriage.

It is like the reintroduction of the iniquitous Test Act, which banned Catholics and Protestants from public office unless they supported certain doctrines, and is a disgrace for any party - particularly one which preens itself on supposedly liberal principles.

David Ford assented on his ordination to the Christian view of marriage. He then changed his mind - was it to save his political career? - and seemingly expects the Church to change its historic teaching to accommodate him and his party.

The honourable option would have been for him to have resigned from the eldership, instead of dragging the Church into an unnecessary controversy.


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