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Has Tom Elliott forgotten plan for Opposition?

With all due respect to Tom Elliott, he had his chance and he blew it. He offered the electorate a principled reason for entering Opposition and he threw it away.

In the run up to the Assembly election, the UUP proposed what they described as the "game-changer".

This proposed that, should the various political parties not collectively discuss and agree a programme before an Executive was formed, then the UUP would not join that government.

Clearly Mr Elliott had other problems on his mind immediately post-election, but did he forget his proposals? Or did he agree the broad principles for health, education, tuition fees, water charges etc before throwing Danny Kennedy into the Executive?

As an observer, I saw no evidence of an agreed programme for government. So why are the UUP not in Opposition?

Why pontificate in an Assembly debate about the need for an Opposition if you are not willing to do as you said?

Clearly, Northern Ireland desperately needs an Opposition. Yes, it would be best if all the minor parties stopped playing lackies to the DUP and Sinn Fein and came out of the Executive, but someone needs to lead.

So I challenge Tom Elliott: make your party relevant again. Make a real difference at Stormont.


Millisle, Co Down


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