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Have water bosses picked up bonuses?

Following the 'water disaster', there are perhaps aspects of the situation that deserve a little more scrutiny than they have received so far.

I hope that, through your columns, I might mention two points of interest to the unfortunate customers of NI Water.

The first is the principle of using a premium cost phone number to bring to the notice of NI Water the faults in their service. Surely it is unacceptable to charge extra for a customer to make a complaint?

Customers using this 'service' should apply pressure to ensure that this practice is discontinued forthwith.

Perhaps this is a financial policy introduced by the latest 'Board of NI Water' who have conclusively demonstrated their inability to run the organisation in winter.

This brings my second point, which concerns the 'bonuses' that directors appear to regard as 'their right', even if they have done wrong ... or nothing.

I wonder what bonuses have recently been received by the present NI Water management, rewarding them for their leadership.

We, the paying public, have 'our right' to know.

If anyone deserves a reward, it is the skilled and hardworking NI Water employees who have literally dug the management out of the very wet and uncomfortable hole into which they plunged us.




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