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Having republicans in Stormont won't work


As we enter the sixth month without government from Stormont, it is surely clear to any thinking person that the Belfast Agreement/St Andrews devolution experiment has failed.

There is one elementary and inescapable reason why this Stormont system has failed and will fail: Sinn Fein has never been in government to make Northern Ireland work. Simple.

So, why the DUP (or any unionist) is falling over themselves to get back into government with them is simply beyond comprehension.

If the only Stormont possible is one that holds destructive Sinn Fein at the heart of government, then we'd be better without it.

Sinn Fein has used and abused devolution as a vehicle to advance its long-game strategy, so why play their game?

It's time to move on and leave the failure of enforced coalition behind.


TUV leader

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