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Hawking shows importance of disabled people

Stephen Hawking's intervention on behalf of disabled people - in which he said that he didn't know if a talented academic with a condition as serious as his own would be able to flourish in today's tough economic climate - is insightful and timely, especially when disabled persons continue to endure unlawful and unfair prejudices and discrimination in all sectors of life.

Professor Hawking has motor neurone disease and was lucky enough to receive much-needed support from Cambridge University, which enabled him to translate his enormous passion and energy into becoming a brilliant researcher and an intellectual giant.

His international acclaim has undoubtedly helped to open the eyes of the world to see disabled people through a different lens.

It has allowed people throughout the globe to see disabled people as potent sources of diversity, dynamism and equality - and to endeavour to articulate more disabled friendly policies to encourage disabled people to play their rightful part in the common service of humanity.


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