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Hawking's search pointless - God is the power behind us all

Stephen Hawking's search for God in the physical universe is pointless. Since God is a virtual being and has no physical structure he cannot be "seen" as humans see within the physical universe.

Instead of looking at outer space, Prof Hawking should be looking at inner space, ie, the human soul or consciousness, which is the only part of the universe that is relevant to God.

God is not a man dressed in white who performs magic tricks with a wave of his hand.

If he was, the child running across the road would never be hit by a car, the mother of a young family would never die of cancer, the earthquake that kills a multitude would never happen.

God is the infinite pool of energy that powers the universe and everything in it, including human consciousness and the eternal soul, which is the sub-conscious.

Frank O'Connor, Inniscarra, Co Cork

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