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Haynes' take on teens lazy and arrogant

Natalie Haynes' article on teenagers deserving sympathy (Comment, April 7) caused me to feel again subjected to the repeated, lazy stereotype of teenagers.

I have no objection to the point of the article - but the way Haynes perceives teenagers is contrived and arrogant.

I felt the need to apologise for our generation not being as cool as past ages and was embarrassed by the way we seemed to be defined by our material possessions.

Haynes' description of teenagers came across as unoriginal and dated.

I feel that being written down as a screaming, vampire-obsessed 17-year-old girl is getting a little tiresome and that adults shouldn't pay attention only to the loudest minority, but the interesting, individual and observational majority.

We'll happily have your sympathy, Ms Haynes, but there's no need to be patronising about it.


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