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Headline was unfair to school's A-Level results

Your front page headline (March 6) was: 'The top schools failing A-levels'. My school, Wellington College in Belfast, was included in this, I believe unfairly.

The league table put Wellington 70th of 168 schools in Northern Ireland - well within the top half - yet we were included among schools failing A-levels. Your 'justification' is that Wellington's A*-C grades are below the 64% by 1.1%. This 1.1% would account for one person in Wellington's sixth year, as there are fewer than 100 people in each sixth year. So Wellington would only need one more person to achieve A*-C grades to be above the average. Your article is also based on the assumption that grammar schools are superior to high schools as it states that some high schools are achieving higher A-levels, as if that should be impossible.

It is not the league table which I have a problem with, but the headline. You can understand the negative impact this would have on Wellington's reputation.

I am in my final year at Wellington and it is one of the finest schools in Northern Ireland.




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