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Health cash ultimatum 'could topple Executive'

This is a ridiculous statement from Mr Poots, but I would not expect anything less from him, the DUP, or any of the other fools on the hill. It's one of the reasons I believe we should have a new political party that works for all the people of Northern Ireland.

Sean Mee

If Mr Poots would worry more about managing – in other words, do his job – then maybe he could cope with a budget cut to a certain extent. Instead, he spends close to a hundred grand fighting anti-discrimination laws he knows he can't win.

Marcus Dummigan

Poots is correct. Sinn Fein's policy of failing to introduce welfare reform will directly hit all services and degrade them. You can't run the NHS on zero.

Baldy Oldgit

Shut down the Executive and stop these clowns who get paid ridiculous amounts of money squandering what little we have.

Stephen Henry

Why are they exempt from basic rules of employment? Being elected does not give you the right to mess with health, jobs, education – it gives you an obligation to look after them.

Jonathan Bradshaw

If ministers took a pay cut, there might be more money available.

Jillian McCallum

They wouldn't help the last Health Minister with this issue six years ago. Same old problem. No wait – isn't there an election coming up soon?

Zandra Oakes

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