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Health managers must be accountable

It was with a sense of disbelief that I read of the hasty A&E unit closures at the Whiteabbey and Mid-Ulster hospitals.

One of the main duties of management was to ensure succession in significant positions to ensure that, in the event of a vacancy, there was an appropriately-trained person available to step in.

This does not seem to be the case in our health service.

Here we find that, when there is no succession plan, the answer is to withdraw that service and move it to another location.

I would suggest that managers that allow this situation to develop should be sacked, too.

Our current crop of politicians think it is acceptable for the general public to experience 12-hour waiting times in Accident and Emergency and extended journey times to distant hospitals.

At Westminster, the incoming Government has taken a 5% cut in salary as their contribution, or gesture, to help ease the current financial difficulties.

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Taking a leaf out of the Westminster book, maybe our local politicians and the appropriate management, would consider making a gesture to show their solidarity with the public they are subjecting to these distasteful changes.