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Health reform plan is complete waste of money

Your readers might be interested to learn some rather interesting facts, revealed by Freedom of Information requests, concerning the ambitious health reform plan Transforming Your Care (TYC) - greatly lauded by Northern Ireland politicians.

Since its launch, TYC itself has cost around £500,000 and delivered absolutely nothing of any benefit to patients. At best, it remains a management concept.

Furthermore, I understand, from a recent Freedom of Information request that the current director of the Transforming Your Care programme earns a salary of some £75,000 (including a generous pension).

Clearly, salaries within the public sector here are still disproportionately high. No wonder our health service is constantly in the red.

Having myself contributed to the public consultation of TYC, I feel I am in close agreement by that famous consultant surgeon, Sir Lancelot Spratt, MD FRCS: "The first rule of diagnosis, gentlemen: eyes first and most, hand next and least, and tongue not at all. Look! Have you looked?"

Perhaps those responsible for implementing the TYC programme should heed his advice.


Strangford, Co Down

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